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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ELA Group: Next Steps

Phew! Which way now? There is no template for how we are to proceed; we are learning through this process.

 Asks: 1. Read the AFT executive-board approved resolutions; they are items of encouragement. The 38 or so recommendations explicitly state what dc will do, what locals will do, and what the legislative push will be.

 2. Read and learn Appendix A, and spend the time understanding standards progression, gaining familiarity with Appendix B and C.

 3. Practice the activities, and support each other in formal and informal ways.

 4. We will get a PARCC framework that is newly revised, apparently they heard us. Classroom teachers can use the framework to guide their instruction throughout the semester. Packets and guiding questions handed out; we are expected to work through them.

 5. Have conversations with colleagues about them, when you feel comfortable.

 6. Be in touch! Darion offers her email again Dgriffin [at] aft [dot] org

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