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Sunday, January 29, 2012

9. ELA Group: Work in the Field

1. Cleveland Metropolitan SD, Cleveland Teachers Union, Mark Baumgartner, Director of Professional Issues. Implementation, awareness, via a symposium assessing readiness to approach the standards and training k-2 teachers. Included 2 6-hour sessions unpacking and inventory taking for readiness. PEAC teachers lead this work examining the standards, involved instructional coaches, teachers (promoting educator advancement in cleveland). rewrote scope and sequence standards documents for K-2teachers, incorporated science and social studies. Classroom support involves a "Common core advocate," an expert in the building. K-2 in 2011-2012; 3-5 in 2012-2013; 6-8 in 2013-2014; 9-12 in 2014-2015. The PD is job embedded but it's voluntary and paid. Refined over the year, "We are building as we're flying."

2. Laura Daigen-Ayala has created a wiki archiving the work over time, horizontally and then vertically. shared a gradient for analyzing text complexity to help teachers look at this.

 3. John Kuijper, Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center.

 4. Albequerque And Clara Albuquerque Public Schools, teachers have been examining the differences between their traditional common practices and CCSS. ALB teachers federation. focus as well is considering the needs of English language learners. Shared lessons and videotaped lesson as an exemplar to bring all students into the lesson for a teacher reflection piece. 1 out of 6 students is ELL.

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