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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6. ELA Group: Making Meaning of the Standards

Unpacking the standards with Darion's expert help.

The shifts can't occur until teachers and administrators understand and unpack the standards. It is not a crosswalk, just to be checked off. It's not paraphrasing, either.

Ex. Unpacking grade 2 Reading Informational Texts, Standard 1 .

Students must ...
KNOW: ...
DO: ...

Group work on unpacking a standard "KUD Tool for Unpacking the CCSS"? It's on the Delaware website. Engage New York is also helpful (check it out for PD resources you might adopt.) This is a really a fine example of what it is to unpack the standards in a simple way.

"This is the answer to the problem of 'I already do that... That's where the depth comes and the change comes, ... The value is there. The process of drilling down into the standards using these tools will enlighten or illuminate the shifts required to approximate the intent of the standards. When first reading them, it's easy to miss how they're essentially different." 
-Sandy Orth, AFT Local 250, Toledo Federation of Teachers

AFT colleagues collaborate to unpack the standards.

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