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Friday, February 3, 2012

4. Notes from Sue Gendron from Smarter Balanced

Sue Gendron, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

They're asking how an assessment system will help meet the goal of making students college and career ready.  "Proficiency will be defined together, so a common definition will be achieved." [Help here -- what was probably meant by this?] Measures of student growth will also be provided, these will inform educational decision making and pd.

The new assessment will be delivered online, and multiple measures will be used as well. The data will help us determine to what degree students are college and career ready. [Did she qualify how this is fundamentally a value-added proposition from existing measures? Any help in clarifying would be good to know?]

Note about "diverse advisory panels." -- apparently SB is asking what higher ed. needs for 100 level couses and defining / backmapping those proficiency levels.  See the handout ... Long detailed slide show, previously linked earlier in this blog.... The colleges said they would look at placement policies and make changes based on what the data say. advocating for an evidenced based approach.

Sue Gendron highly recommends reading John Hattie on Visible Learning (mentioned twice). Lots online about this guy.

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